Corporate Jobs


Hitch your career aspirations to growth and innovation at Cablevision headquarters in Bethpage, New York. We rely on a wide range of talents to make our corporation successful. Join us now in one of the following areas where you can play an important role in serving our millions of customers:

Marketing & Product Management

This group manages all aspects of Brand Management, Public Relations, Communications, Web Strategy, and Social Media. Product Management teams expressly support the continued development of new products by working closely with our Technology teams.


Our Technology teams partner up with Product Management professionals to bring new ideas to life. They help ensure our client-facing technology is running across a high-performing network. We also have an Information Technology group that supports a full range of enterprise systems and networks, including all of our 24/7 customer contact centers.

Human Resources

The Human Resources team works with Cablevision business leaders across the full employee lifecycle, providing invaluable guidance on hiring, training, performance management, compensation, benefits, internal communications, and HR systems.

Finance, Strategy & Business Planning

Our Financial, Business Planning, Accounting, Audit, and Tax professionals provide a full range of financial and operational services to the company. Depending on your area of expertise, you might support complex financial reporting, cost management, critical financial analysis, tax planning, investment management, transaction processing, and/or future growth initiatives.


The work of our Facilities team stretches far beyond the brick and mortar buildings that house our 24/7/365 operations:

  • Facility Management: Oversees mail and courier service, reprographic services, record management/central files, office supplies and equipment, and manages the firm’s real estate.
  • Procurement: Handles purchases of capital and expensed equipment, and manages vendor policies and relationships.
  • Travel: Maintains our ground fleet and aircraft, and manages our corporate travel policy.
  • Security: Reviews and recommends security policies and programs designed to protect our people and assets.


Cablevision’s Legal professionals manage a full range of issues affecting our media and communications business, from various regulatory compliance requirements to contract and employment law.